Viral diseases such as influenza, which are easily transferable from person to person or even country to country, pose one of the biggest threats to health today. Viruses such as avian influenza viruses (N1H5 and H9N1) have been reported to spread in the present decade and, very recently, the novel coronavirus that has caused many life-threatening illnesses and deaths all around the world has received much attention.

To prevent these highly contagious viral infections, we have proposed the combination of IMOD™ and Arbidol to increase their immunomodulatory effects as a novel medicine to prevent and cure influenza and some other infectious diseases such as hepatitis B and C. On the one hand, IMOD™ within the last few years has been proven to safely and effectively increase the life expectancy for human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)-infected individuals by increasing CD4 lymphocytes. On the other hand, Arbidol, an antiviral agent has been used safely and effectively in the past two decades to prevent and cure all types of influenza and flu. Therefore, the combination of both in a single dosage to further increase CD4 lymphocytes and interferon gamma (IFN-?) could be a better choice for treatment of viral infections. This proposal tries to provide enough support and background for approval of a randomized clinical trial by a relevant team of investigators.

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