Plandemic 1 and 2 the Interview and Documentation

22/08/2020 | Reports, Corruption, Covid, Experts, Molecular Biologists, Officials, Pandemics, Science, Shots, The Cabal | 0 comments

Plandemic 1 and 2 – Indoctornation were created by Mikki Willis.

Plandemic 1 is based on the experiences of Dr. Judy Mikovitz that she had when researching into the HIV virus while working for the NIH in US, please see the Interview here:


Plandemic 2 – Indoctornation is the follow up documentation that is an all encompassing summary about the medical establishment, please see the documentation here:


Plandemic the Rabbit Hole is a PDF file listing all sources used for the documentation, click the following link to download the PDF: Plandemic THE RABBIT HOLE (398KB)


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